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Hardwood flooring is made to last a lifetime, but more often than not, it needs a little love along the way to help it stay in top form. However, it’s important to remember that refinishing your hardwood floor is a painstaking process – one that’s best left up to qualified professionals. This holds true whether you’re seeking a whole new look for a floor you’ve had for decades, or a simple refreshing of some problem areas.

As proud members of the nation’s largest cooperative of independently owned and operated flooring stores, Roger’s Carpet One Floor & Home is greater Carson City’s most trusted source for all things flooring. Our seasoned hardwood experts have decades of collective experience and can help you make the best decisions, no matter where you are in your flooring journey.

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Going well beyond the skill set of even the most avid You-Tuber, sanding or refinishing a hardwood floor is a job that can easily go downhill fast, if you’re not prepared for it. There are many precise steps involved in this process since the floor’s top surface must initially be sanded down to the bare bones. Too much- or too little sanding can have dire results. Stain, paint, and/or a water-based or polyurethane finish is coated on to complete the process and the products you choose should ideally be selected with care, since the ultimate goal is to add some additional decades of life to your floor.

Are you hoping to give you your room an entirely new look, or return your hardwood floors to their former glory? Ask about hardwood flooring refinishing at Roger’s Carpet One Floor & Home, which is located at 971 Topsy Lane, #322, in Carson City, NV.

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