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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Carson City, NV

At Roger’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Carson City, Nevada, we know that bright, fresh, and always stylish, luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring for our times. Appealing to both the budget-conscious homeowner and the time-constrained business owner, luxury vinyl tile looks and feels almost exactly like natural hardwood, stone, or tile, minus the cost and upkeep. It’s extremely enduring, affordable, and effortless to care for making it a great flooring selection for nearly every setting. Thanks to its sturdily built, synthetic composition, luxury vinyl flooring can hold its own against humidity, splashes, stomping feet, and spills. It’s made with a busy life in mind: so, you can spend more time enjoying your family and less time cleaning or repairing. Find all your luxury vinyl flooring needs in our showroom or browse our inventory online.


How Is Luxury Vinyl Made?

Are you looking for flooring with fewer restrictions? You will love luxury vinyl flooring since it is suitable for almost every type of usage. Quick to install and budget-friendly, luxury vinyl flooring appeals to all tastes and lifestyles, making it an all-around smart choice. Luxury vinyl flooring features a special construction that differentiates it from hardwood and tile. It is made from different layers that are permanently fused together. The top layer is the wear layer, and it resists almost all scratches and scuffs. It protects the design layer, which includes a high-definition wood or stone visual. Vinyl planks and tiles also have support layers such as core and base layers. With these layers, luxury vinyl flooring is dimensionally stable, even when exposed to moisture or heavy foot traffic. Some luxury vinyl options even have waterproof cores.


Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Which luxury vinyl flooring is the best one for your home? Sheet, tile, and plank are among the current options on the market today, with tile and plank being the most popular, by far. For those wishing to emulate the authentic looks of stone and hardwood, both tile and plank present a world of tempting options, with varieties offered up to suit all different décor schemes. Sheet vinyl is another option, appealing to those who are, perhaps, working within a tight budget, but who still hope to avoid compromising quality and aesthetics. Below we go into more detail about luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring.


Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl planks have shown homeowners that floors don’t have to be high maintenance to be attractive and functional. Made from synthetic materials that are carefully designed into a durable, layered construction, these floors can handle everyday life while also looking stylish. Each vinyl plank comes in the form of a long, wood look panel, just like natural oak, hickory, maple, mahogany, birch, and other wood species. The planks each have a decorative visual layer that’s created through high-definition photography. Many vinyl planks have a surface texture that matches the wood look visuals, such as knots and grain patterns. We even have extra-wide vinyl planks and options with beveled edges and multiple shades. Because luxury vinyl is not authentic hardwood, it is more budget-friendly and low-maintenance, perfect for homeowners with active lifestyles. It’s also more water-repellent than real wood, so you can install it in kitchen and bathroom spaces. And it has more scratch, dent, and fade-resistance.


Luxury Vinyl Tile

Like real tile, luxury vinyl tiles are easy to clean and water-repellent, making them perfect for kitchen and bathrooms. They come in individual square modules that are installed one by one, just like real tile. But unlike tile, LVT flooring doesn’t require grout and is much cheaper and simpler to install and maintain. You don’t need to worry about stained or crumbling grout, or cracks developing in the tile over time. In addition to long-lasting, high-performing features, vinyl tiles are warmer and softer underfoot than real tile. They are also quieter and absorb noise from pet claws, footsteps, and voices. As far as styles, luxury vinyl tile comes in a wide selection, with shapes, sizes, and designs all differing.


Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

While luxury vinyl is generally water-resistant, waterproof luxury vinyl has you covered when it comes to knowing your floors are 100% protected from moisture. Luxury vinyl has transformed over the years into a luxury flooring product that’s not only tough but also gorgeous. Waterproof vinyl is a natural progression of this type of flooring. It’s perfect for pet owners, active families, commercial settings, and any high-moisture area where you want beautiful floors that will last. Waterproof luxury vinyl has a watertight barrier on its surface that prevents spills from sinking below the floor. It also has a waterproof core layer that catches any moisture under the surface and keeps it from reaching the subfloor. The core is also designed so that any moisture it collects will soon evaporate. Lastly, luxury vinyl has a layered construction that’s incredibly stable no matter how much humidity it’s exposed to. The layers include a high-performance surface that’s scratch, stain, and dent-resistant so it can handle heavy use and foot traffic, even in commercial settings. One of the major benefits of luxury vinyl is that it’s simple to install and easy to maintain. Luxury vinyl no longer just comes in sheet form, but also flexible planks and tiles that can be glued down or installed as a floating floor. Although waterproof luxury vinyl is perfect for moisture-prone areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and entryway, it’s also frequently used in living rooms, bedrooms, and more — particularly for pet owners and parents. This provides you with peace of mind throughout your home, so you don’t have to worry about that pet accident or knocked-over drink.


Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Selection

As demand for luxury vinyl products continues to grow, Roger’s Carpet One Floor & Home continues adding to its flooring inventory. We strive to address greater Carson City’s unique tastes and needs, and that’s why we take great pride in offering all the latest in luxury vinyl flooring products. However, our dedication doesn’t end there – we also offer luxury vinyl flooring installation services. You’ll find plenty of fine flooring options in our showroom, including beautiful choices from Armstrong, COREtec, Invincible H2O, and Beauflor. Visit us soon and discover all the brands you know and love, including some Carpet One exclusives not available anywhere else.



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