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Tile flooring room scenes

Tile Flooring Store in Carson City, NV

Tile is the perfect flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Tile has distinct benefits such as being easy to care for and incredibly durable. You’ll love our collection of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile: all available in unique styles, shapes, colors and more. Tile gives unlimited options when updating your home.


Roger’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Carson City, Nevada, is your local tile source. Our exclusive tile brands are backed by award-winning warranties. Our flooring professionals are waiting for you to stop by and explore our tile collection.


Types of Tile

Our tile selection features porcelain, ceramic, and stone options for you to choose:





Other tile options, like backsplash tile and shower tile, can use other materials like glass, metal, and concrete. Mixing several types of tiles into patterns can create texture and dimension, and make it stick out from the rest of the décor in your home.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?

Since tile is so durable, it is no wonder it has been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. You’ll also see tile installed in bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms. Other places tile can be installed include laundry rooms and entryways. More durable tiles like stone and porcelain can be installed outside as a patio or walkway.


Our tile collection extends to include wall tile, shower tile, and outdoor tile. Bring your style up a notch by adding a backsplash or tile accent wall. Customize your bathroom by installing a tiled shower, adding style and value to your space.



What to Expect When Installing Tile 


When you choose our professional tile installation, you choose peace of mind. Tile installation can be a messy affair: one best left to professionals. Keep in mind that your room might be out of commission for a couple of days to a week, so plan accordingly. Our team will help make the process easier by moving appliances and installing your fixtures. 


Tile That Looks Like Wood

Wood-look tile will impress you with just how realistic it appears. Whether you love the boldness of a deep oak floor, or a modern-farmhouse look with white-washed wood, there is a wood-look tile for you. 


Wood-look tile can be installed throughout your home, which makes it incredibly unique. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, entryways, hallways, bedrooms, and offices are among the areas where wood-look tile is ideal. Rather than having separate types of flooring in your space, you can choose wood-look tile for your whole-home solution.


Wood-look tile is easy to keep clean. Your cleaning regimen won’t take as long. Whether you have spills, accidents, or you track in dirt often, dust won’t cling to its surface. Any stuck-on materials are removable with a cloth or a sponge. Grout lines will look best if they’re mopped occasionally; otherwise, don’t worry about a strict cleaning routine. In addition, tile doesn’t need to be replaced often.


Discover Our Tile Collection 

Our exclusives are backed by quality and award-winning warranties. As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we deliver our customers quality flooring every day, and we even can compete with the big box stores. Be sure to visit our showroom in Carson City, NV to see our entire tile collection.



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Take Care of Your Tile

Tile is easy to clean and care for, so you can take time

back from your weekly cleaning routine. Be sure to

follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.